Friday, April 22, 2011

The backup plan...

So I have a confession. As much as I do want soo badly to fall in love, have a family, and live your average life.. I do have a back up plan. Despite the fact that I am a crazy hopeless romantic, and my ultimate lack of love life is quite frustrating, a little part of me is thinking theres a much easier way out.  So heres the thing.  I love cats.. like so much. And not only that, but they tend to love me back. My cat is actually sitting beside me purring right now, just as she has been for the past hour. This being said, wouldn't I make the greatest crazy cat lady ever?!?!?!?!? I mean I totally think I could pull it off. Just buy a creepy old house on a corner, and breed a whole bunch of cats! It'd be much easier that going through the heartache of boys! And theres something about cat,  thats just so great. Its like they have a sixth sense or something. Somehow my cat always knows  knows when i'm upset, and shows up in my room and awkwardly nuzzles herself against my arm. I don't know how she knows this, its borderline creepy, but I love it. Also, a cat is never going to argue with you, and you can vent to it all you like without feeling selfish for talking about yourself a lot.  Its perfect. Not to mention there kind of adorable. 

So there you have it. I secretly envy those stereotypical creepy cat ladies. Judge if you wish But i think its a great back up plan. I promise you though, that it is definitely just the back up plan. You can be sure that i will try my best to fall in love with a human before i result to this, despite the heartbreak it may cause. =)


  1. :)
    I think that you would make a great cat lady, i don't think that you can ever be creepy. Sorry, but you are juat too...not creepy.

  2. how do you always seem to make me smile? =]