Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I           wish       our                   could           of        than
  really         that       relationship         consist    more

walking      eggshells.

I        I            afraid    tell      that       not       perfect
wish    wasn't          to      you       I'm       the            girl

you've            wanted.

And   wish       could     that  am            but     cant    perfect.
       I        you        see      I      trying,         I         be

I know that you love me despite all this. But i wish that you loved me for trying, rather than loving me despite the fact that my trying isn't good enough.

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  1. Tanni - you are awesome, fantastic wonderful and smart and you are ALWAYS good enough. No one is perfect and trying to be will just make you C-R-a-Z-y! i love you! Your blog is awesome - I just stopped by for "coffee" this morning ;-) P.S. Prodigal means wayward, therefore it is the son who is prodigal...(eg. the story of the prodigal son) not the prodigal's son.. the dad was a good guy ;-) See... not perfect, but awesome still the same!!! I love you Scads and Scads xoxoxoxo PLEASE don't be sad!!!!!!!