Thursday, May 19, 2011

My cliche teenage girl post..

Okay, so you all officially have the right to call me a crazy shallow ditzy girl now.  This may or may not be an all new low. But i think I'm figuring out what all those cheesey  love songs are talking about. Thats right, all that "heart skipping a beat" junk? I totally get that feeling.. every time he looks at me. Or perhaps smiling when his name comes up on my cellphone? yeah, all the time. I feel like SUCH a girl.. but its true! I feel like my heart is melting a little, and i just cant help it.  And I'm not in love, i promise.. I'm saving that emotion for more than just a stupid teenage crush... But honestly, I'm smiling just thinking about you right now... (:

"we should get jerseys, cus we make a good team,               
       But yours would look better than mine, cus your
                           out of my league..."
                                                             ( yet another dorky love song that makes me think of you..) 

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  1. Oh my goodness! Of my blog last night actually made sense, this would be what I wanted to say. You seriously looked into my soul... Bahaha