Monday, May 9, 2011

Construction Bin- 1 Honda-0

You know what I hate? High school rumours. But welcome to living in a small town i guess. Give it two days, tell two people. and before you know it the whole town knows whats up with your life! And the problem is, they don't just know whats up with your life. Which honestly isn't that much of a problem.. so long as the actual story gets told.  But when you go to school, and the entire student body wants to know about your car accident with random strings of rumour attached, it gets a little ridiculous. So here is the real complete no rumours attatched edition of the day my car (well my mom's car actually) got in a fight with a rather gigantic construction bin.

 So I was driving, by myself ( which I am very thankful for)  and i had just turned a corner I had stopped at the stop sign perfectly good, and then I  turned. I decided that since it was nice out  i should try and figure out how to work the sunroof. I looked down for probably half a second, but i didnt know which button it was.. so I decided to look up and focus on the road, and I'd worry about the sunroof when I got to the school. By the time I looked up though, I was swerving right, hard core. What I didnt realize was that the block i was on curved quite a bit, but since i was looking down i just kept going straight.  i panicked and slammed on the gas instead of the break, and slammed into a kind of bfi bin..only bigger... i moved it eight feet with my car! my airbags went off and the car was completely ruined. It was amazing how much God was there though. because first of all, there was a mom with a baby in a stroller on one side of me, and a man fertilizing his lawn on the other.. and i  managed to end up between them. also, just on monday a couple of my friends had told me to move my seat back in case my airbag came out, because i used to sit RRREEAALLLYYY close to it.. and i ended up  moving  it just before i left the house on Friday.. or else i wouldnt be here. I got away with just a burn from the airbag, and a couple scrapes and bruises. God was so obviousely there with me, it was absolutely amazing. I was listening to a tenth avenue north song that really spoke to me after this. The lyric was "the one the wind and waves obey, is strong enough to save you." This was such a spiritual wake up call for me, because God deffinitely saved my life that day. But it made me realize how quickly life can be taked away from you, and just how precious and fragile it really is.

Heres the worst part of my injuries.. you know someones watching over you when.....

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  1. Wow! That must have been scary for you! But I like how you saw God in the situation and that God taught you something through the crash. Anyways, I'm glad you're okay! God is so good! =)