Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A story under a shell.

So today I went to the library. I didn't have a crazy amount of time, so I was mostly just walking around, observing things... okay so I'll admit it, I was observing people. I'm a little bit of a creep like that. Its amazing though, the diversity of people you see in a library. In my like three minutes I managed to see:

- A couple of girls studying over coffee.
- A little girl sprawled across the floor, completely enthralled by Robert Munsch.
- A man who was probably twenty five, sitting and sucking his thumb.
- A mom with four young kids, trying to juggle them as they screamed about whose turn it is to choose the movie.
- A twentyish ( and I'll admit, ridiculously handsome) man reading about mechanics of some sort.
-A teenagish girl crying over a romance book.
- Some older ladies gossiping about how rigged the communities in bloom competition is.

So my thought. All of these people have a story. Every single one of them has joys, confusion, trials, heartbreak, secrets,  temptation, amongst other emotions within that shell that I saw. A persons image is really just that.. an image. It doesn't nessacarily  mean anything at all. The stories within those images could be so amazingly different then anything i could assume.   Its crazy  that God knows all of these things, about all of these people.  He could recite  their stories back to you better than they could. And he loves them more then anyone else ever could. Every single one of them.  He loves each person individually, not for how they appear, but for who they are, and who he has created them to be. I know this probably seems like a concept you hear all the time, but God showed it to me today.. and i thought it was cool =)