Friday, October 14, 2011


So I've decided that I'm bored of not doing. I'm actually quite bothered by the idea of my walk with Christ revolving around what I'm not doing. I think that Christianity can so easily be misconceived as the idea of not doing things making us better people; and thats  totally not the point. I really don't think that not drinking excessively, not swearing, or not smoking can make you a Christian. I mean don't get me wrong, I disagree with all of  those things,  but I feel like what your not doing is such a small part of the story. Instead, why cant we focus on what we are doing to reach out to this hurting world? And what we are doing to show others how fantastic a relationship with the creator of this world really is? I fear that we're hiding behind the lie that we can base our faith journeys on what we don't do, because we're afraid to step out and "do". Its so much easier to just be the kid that doesn't go to parties, then it is to  be the kid that steps out and makes an impact on every life they possibly can, no matter what they "do" or "don't do." I know that God will do absolutely fantastic things with anyone who is willing to abandon everything (including their fear) and step out to glorify his name. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The question of the year..

"What are you doing next year Tannis?" "Hey Tannis, what are your plans for next year?" "So Tannis, have you decided what next years gonna bring for you?"  "where are you going next year?"

are you getting my point? This seems to be the most popular topic of conversation no matter where I  show up these days. Not that I mind really, I'm actually quite excited to go try something new. Theres only one slight problem... THIS MEANS THAT I"M GROWING UP!!!!!!!! I think that is a little much to handle (for both me and the world).  I mean, everybody's been dreaming about what their going "be when they grow up" since they could talk I'm pretty sure, but now its supposed to be a reality? I'm actually supposed to "be" something other than a high school student? Thats a little intimidating of a suggestion for my liking. I mean, I know that God has a plan and such, but the whole actually living it out part is where I start to shake, and I'm pretty sure hyper ventilating is the next step.

 So be on the look out for a crazy curly haired teenager in some sort of unfortunate state of shock.. its probably me thinking about facing my future!