Thursday, June 9, 2011

the first big step!

So currently I am sitting in Social class. But not just any social class. This my friends is the VERY last high school Social class I will ever ever sit in on a Thursday afternoon. Am I excited? yes, of course I am.. this is one step closer to freedom! One step closer to being out of this jungle of a high school! But I must say, I'm also rather terrified. Not only does this mean I have a diploma to write in T-5 days, but it also means I am one step closer to freedom! Having to make decisions by myself? No more high school walls to determine how I spend five days of my week? I feel like that involves responsibility; and I can't say I'm ready for that! Granted, this is only one grade twelve class,  I am most certainly still a grade eleven. But still,  this is a rather monumental step i believe, actually being finished a core class!  I am terrified, excited, and in need of studying instead of blogging... perhaps the next time you hear from me I will be able to join the members of society that can say they completed an entire core class.. Grades one to twelve! Maybe i should spend some time actually working in that class now...

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