Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We're all his [:

So i know told you about my girls club girls for the past three weeks now, and your probably getting bored of it.. but this is my blog... and I do what I want! so if your bored of this, don't read it!!!

Tonight we went to the sunny south lodge to  do a little program for the seniors. It was wonderful. The girls all sang the songs they have been practising all year, performed a little skit, and then some of them played an instrument, or sang a song by themselves. When we were done, each of the girls gave a flower to one of the seniors. It was absolutely amazing to see. Theres something cool about  seeing people just beginning there walks of life bringing a smile to the faces of those reaching the end. It seems to close that gap of age in a way. Bringing joy to one another with these simple things shows me that we are all equally perfect and beautiful in the eyes our father. Whether we see through the amazing eyes of potential and opportunity like my girls, or the equally beautiful eyes of experience and memory like the people they sang too, we  should all see one thing. Together we are all the same in this; we are all God's children:

One Happy Family

      One Human Family.

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