Monday, September 5, 2011

Catch up.

Wow, been long enough since I posted on here?.  I'm not sure why, it most certainly has not been a boring two months. Heres a quick recap of some crazy adventures this summer.

 July: So I spend my first month of summer at SABC; it was nothing short of wonderful. The program I did was called Teleios, which is a super fancy greek word that means becoming mature and complete. I spent the first two weeks getting to know everyone in my program, in ways you can barely imagine. We did all sorts of these crazy "group development activities" that were incredibly challenging, but pretty great memories to look back on. We also spent a lot of time doing bible studies, and learning how absolutely incredible God is. I fell even more head over heels in love with my creator and my saviour, and it was amazing to really get to know him more. The last two weeks I was there, I got the opportunity to Jr. Counsel. God blew my mind in such amazing ways. Both weeks I was blessed with amazing senior counsellors, whom I learned so much from, and built amazing friendships with. All of the kids I got to see God at work in all of the kids I counselled, in ways big and small. It amazed me to see what God could do through me, but in a way it was humbling to see that it was God working in me, I was simply the messenger he worked through. I often found myself feeling discouraged and confused if I didn't set time aside each day to spend with Jesus. Although  a challenge, it was incredible to see his power.  It was an amazing month, and definitely changed me.

August: Well, I worked, I worked, oh and did I mention I worked? Being home was definitely different. It was really interesting to see my " camp bubble" popped, and  to test out how much I had really changed, when I wasn't in an environment  completely surrounded by people who felt the same way I did.  It was a challenge, but God  for sure showed me that he was bigger than any challenges this world can bring, and that I can live for him through all of it. I also got to spend a lot of time reconnecting with friends, and doing some crazy stuff with them, I don't know what I'd ever do without those guys (:

So now I'm attempting to get back into the swing of things.. back to school, youth is starting up soon, Girls club and mentorship are getting started too. I'm officially a twelfth grader, so thats kinda cool. Im ready to make this last year an excellent one!!

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