Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Just another ordinary miracle today"

Today was one of those days I just loved, without anything spectacular happening. Just a whole bunch of little things that made me smile. Heres some of them:

Stripy socks: they make me smile.. a lot
Cozy cardigans: If you know me you well, you know that this is somewhat of an obsession
Sparkly Snow: Our God made this world so beautiful, my walk to school was wonderful
Ipod: Don't you love it when songs come up on shuffle that suit your mood bettter than any playlist?
Heart shaped sugar cookies: Who cares if Valentines is over? Im pretty sure I'm never gonna stop loving!

These little things made me smile my way through today.  I am so blessed to have little things that bring me joy.

"Its not that unusual, when everything is beautiful. Its just another ordinary miracle today."
Ordinary Miracle- Sarah McLachlan


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